Our signature hand-rolled steamed buns
Delicious, local ingredients, handmade fresh daily steamed buns.  All entree order's come with two steamed buns & side of fried rice.

Open faced Bao's (Handmade Steamed buns)


*Kung Pow Chicken Bao
Hormone-free Chicken breast brinded for 18 hours, shredded, and glazed in a sweet Kung Pao sauce. Topped with roasted red peppers, pineapple & paprika smoked chutney, green onions, enoki mushroom and toasted seseme seeds. 

Please ask us if you would like us to make it spicy for you!

*Beef Short Rib Bao  
A light fluffy bun filled with tender chunks of Angus Grass Fed Beef from Walker's Farm short-rib braised and shredded. Topped with homemade sirachi mayo, sprouts, sauteed onions & mushrooms. 

*Crispy Pork Belly Bao
Slow brined in a coriander/ginger reduction for 24hrs. then seared and topped with cucumbers, chopped cashews and a homemade honey hoison sauce, seseme seeds and sprouts.

*Korean Soy BBQ Bao

Delicious Protein subsitute (soy) marinated in savory BBQ sauce. Topped with pickled purple cabbage,  apple/pear chutney, green onion and a sweet chili glaze. (vegan, veg)

Closed Baozi Steamed Buns

Cha-siu Pork

Cantonese barbeque seasoned pork chopped and stuffed inside a fluffy baozi bun. 



Edamame​ ​ 

Steamed and lightly salted to perfection (veg)

Coconut Curry Rice Noodle Salad 
  Rice Noodles simmered in a sweet curry sauce topped with pineapple chutney, enoki mushrooms and cashews (v/gf) Served chilled during summer.

Vegetable Fried Rice

As a gift from the chef you recieve a scoop of our fried rice (in peanut oil) & soy sauce with carrots, bean sprouts complimentary with your purchase of any order of steamed buns, but if you just can't get enough of the delicious rice we offer more! (veg)


Mixed green salad with a refreshingly light ginger soy dressing. Topped with cucumbers, sliced mushrooms, assortment of fresh fruit, soy bean pods (if avail), tomatoes. Add any of our proteins.

Pho Soup

Delicious beef or pork pho broth with noodles, lime slice, bean sprouts, green onions, spicy peppers, topped with either pork or beef depending on the day!

*We strive to have all of our menu items available all the time, because our product takes time to produce all items will not be available all the time. If you are making a special trip out to see us and want a specific item(s) please email or contact us through social media and we can tell you what today's menu is!